The moths of spring

The recent months have brought a select group of spring sightings. Mostly this included the usual species such as common quaker and hebrew character. A few highlights of the start of the year for me have included the magnificent oak beauties and numerous micros.

Oak beauty.
A small quaker settled on an egg carton.

The camouflaged bark browns and pale greens create a mosaic like pattern on the wings. However, like many species the oak beauty is variable and can display many different colours depending on the individual.

clouded drab
shoulder stripe

In early march many of the moths consist of a dull brown colouration. However, amongst these there are a few brightly coloured individuals like the satellite and the shoulder stripe.

Hebrew character on underside of moth trap lid.

lead coloured drab

The lead coloured drab has a very boring name: the moth itself is in fact very nondescript anyway. The months total came to 315 moths of 15 species after trapping for 13 nights.

One thought on “The moths of spring

  1. Another wonderful blog, JmortonJ – am learning so much about our spectacular wildlife, things that have always passed me by before.


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