Spring is here

Spring has started. The mild temperatures are just one of the indicators that the new season has nearly arrived. Similarly to last year, the current moth species consist of hebrew character, common quaker, oak beauty, small quaker, clouded drab, march moth and lead coloured drab.

The plants of spring are also emerging. Wild summer snowflakes also known as Loddon lilies, daffodils, snowdrops, red dead nettles and many trees including hazel, blackthorn and hawthorn are coming into leaf and some into flower.

With the coming season the bird species are also changing. The resident garden birds are inspecting nest sights and soon many warblers will be arriving in Britain.

The flowering hawthorn makes for some beautiful views along the path and the small white flowers provide crucial sustenance for pollinators early in the year. I am always on the look out for the emerging butterflies, like the luminously yellow brimstone and the vivid peacocks. The butterflies currently around in the garden are almost all brimstone’s and a select few commas.

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