The wild wet woodland

Nearby to us there is a large area of wet woodland. The habitat supports a limited but unusual variety of flora. The area is subject to winter flooding so is therefore filled with wild summer snowflake.

The delicate summer snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) in its natural habitat.

In spring the nettles are only just emerging, therefore it is easy to walk through. The towering alders in winter are filled with finch flocks and a resident buzzard is regularly encountered. The forest floor is currently covered by wild garlic (also known as ramsons), releasing a pungent scent when crushed. Elevated areas also contain large clumps of wild red currant and dogwood.

Vast swathes of wild garlic cover the forest floor.

The wood also provides habitat for a more unusual and often unnoticed species of wildflower called moschatel. From a distance this low growing plant looks very uninspiring, however it sports a small circular flower head with pale green petals.

The intricate moschatel can easily be missed due to its small size.

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