More moths

The scarlet tiger is a day flying moth found locally over southern England. This species flies from May to June usually in sunny conditions. This year I have found the caterpillars on nettle and green alkanet. I reared the caterpillars through to pupation and the first one emerged early last week.

The garden has produced very few moths over the last month, however chocolate tips and a few poplar hawk-moths have been the highlights. The poplar hawk moth is a magnificent species. The male is comprised of a large thorax and head, a small abdomen and huge slate grey wings. One different characteristic is that the under-wings of this species protrude from the fore wings and when in flight they reveal a small red patch at the base of the wings.

After last month of 78 moths and 25 species, I am looking forward to what the next few weeks bring.

2 thoughts on “More moths

  1. Lovely to read another blog post from you. Am guessing the next month will bring many species for the riverside for you to tell us about.


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