Skokholm island

A few weeks ago I was privileged to stay on skokholm island in Pembrokeshire. The scenery was beautiful and the island was teeming with wildlife. When we arrived, we took a long walk around the island to get a feel for the wildlife on offer. Even this late in the season, there were plenty of seabirds. Fulmars still feeding chicks on the ledges, some comical puffins still bringing in food for their chicks and a few pairs of razorbills.

Excluding the seabirds, there were lots of wheatears and warblers including sedge and willow. The beautiful seascape made for some brilliant views in the evening light. At night after the gulls fall silent, the shearwaters start to arrive. Their eerie calls fill the night sky as they return to their burrows. Whilst out at night, both Manx shearwaters and storm petrels fly clumsily around our heads, although the manxies were mostly crash landing into the bracken before scurrying into the undergrowth.

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